NAD Edutainment

The mission of NAD Edutainment is to establish a video production and educational center based on low cost but high standard video production for Zanzibar and Tanzanian citizens. We believe the creative sector is a field of profession that is aspired by numerous young talents. It offers great opportunities for the upcoming generation to create income, while at the same time empowers young talents to picture their perspective and voice the challenges they are facing in our globalized world.

On location with NAD Edutainment

The vision for NAD Edutainment came from Abdul Jafary, a Tanzanian citizen born in Bukoba and raised in Dar es Salaam. He was the best absolvent of Zanzibar Film School where he did a full course on video production. At the same time, he got peer to peer training for the course of a whole year by the videographer Benj Binks, a well known documentary film-maker and educator from Australia.

NAD Edutainment Logo Design by Abdul Jafary

Combining his training and experience in the field, Abdul managed to gain recognition for his quality works, while at the same time starting to train the upcoming generation and pass on his knowledge and experience. Founding NAD Edutainment as a project to provide quality video production, while at the same time nourishing young talents and training them to become professionals, was his dream and he made it come true.

Abdul Jafary and CEEZ founder Lorenz Herrmann

From the basic income Abdul Jafary earned doing video production for varying clients, he managed to built a self maintained white/green screen studio close to Stone Town. NAD Studio is supposed to serve as a center for creative production and education - aiming to provide professional facilities which are needed to experiment and to train filmmakers to compete on the international creative market.

"As Tanzanians, we have to take the challenge being exposed to the global creative market through internet. We need to train to become professionals and show them that we can also do high quality production." Abdul Jafary

Act Now! Documentary - kawa training center

Documentary film about a Theater Production from KAWA Training Center addressing environmental awareness, shot by NAD Edutainment.

Clients and Organisations that we worked with: